Digital Storytelling

I really struggled with this week assignment. It was hard  to think of digital storytelling from and IT prospective, specially when you have to teach skills from scripted book. Also in my mind digital storytelling need to be story  someone story or fiction story. I could’t think of it from other prospective tell I read

“ Digital stories can be instructional, persuasive, historical, or reflective”

in 7 Things You Should Know About Digital Storytelling (Educase) article. Then I start thinking from another angle. The Integrator angel. I don’t need to use digital storytelling in IT specifically I can Integrate it to other subject.


A light bulb went on when grade 4 teachers asked for help with the research project they want their kids to do. The project is to choose a historical character and research information about him/her and write a biography report. So I thought what don’t we make the students tell the story of the character they chose. This is a great opportunity to integrate technology  that hit many ISTE standards.


I really liked Samantha Morra post 8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling. I will share with students the Samantha’s Process of digital storytelling and we will follow it.


by: Samantha Morra

The steps will be:

Step one: Choose character.

Step two : Research/ Explore / learn about  the character ( using google doc)

Step three: Write the script about the character ( analog)

Step four : Storyboard ( analog or digital ).

Step five : Gather images.

Step six : Use I movie to create the story.

Step Seven: Share in the students blog

Step eight:  Comment on 2 students blog.

Now am really excited for this project, we will start next week. Wish me good luck !!

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